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Popular Materials Used for Patios and Fencing in Croydon

At Croydon Fencing we use materials of the highest quality for fencing repairs, patio installations and every other landscaping project we undertake. Materials are sourced from trusted local suppliers and installed by our experienced and skilled landscapers and fencing contractors. A wide variety of stylish surfaces can be used for patios and fencing, allowing our team to create a bespoke design to compliment your property and garden.


In this blog post, we’re discussing some of the most popular materials used for garden patios and fencing in the Croydon area.


Styles of Fencing


There are many different fencing types to choose from in terms of both design and material, each with their own benefits. Whether you are looking for a fence for a particular purpose, such as creating a high level of security, or are interested in fencing that fits best with current garden features, such as patios and sheds, we can find the perfect design to suit your needs and perform efficient fencing repairs.


To help you make the best decision, take a look at some of the most regularly used materials for fencing in the Croydon area:




Wood is the most commonly used material for fencing throughout the UK and wooden fences are available in a multitude of styles, such as close board, trellis, picket and overlap panel. You can also choose from various woods depending on your design preference, budget and security needs. Wooden fences need regular maintenance and may require fencing repairs when subject to sever weather.




Metal fencing offers decorative appeal and can enhance the aesthetics of any property, without blocking views of the surrounding environment. Used by many homeowners and commercial property owners in the Croydon area, materials regularly used for metal fences include traditional wrought iron, steel and aluminium.




Vinyl fencing is available in many styles and can be designed to replicate the appearance of wooden panels. Vinyl offers a cost-effective alternative to wood fencing and requires little maintenance. It is also stronger than wood, meaning less chance of needing fencing repairs after strong winds.


Materials for Patios


New patios are a quick, affordable and effective way of breathing new life into any garden. Found in properties throughout Croydon, London and the rest of the UK, they offer a practical space to place furniture, BBQs and plant pots, whilst adding aesthetic appeal value to your property. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or traditional design, there are many materials and colours to choose from for a creating a patio to suit your personal taste.


Some of the most popular materials used for patios include:


Block Paving – Versatile and visually pleasing, block paving patios can be designed in a wide range of decorative patterns and are usually made from concrete or clay bricks.


Indian Sandstone – Durable and striking Indian sandstone is often used to enhance outdoor patios and is available in different blends of colours.


Concrete Slabs – Concrete slabs are one of the most cost-effective materials available for patios and paving. Slabs can be installed quickly and come in a range of colours.


To find out more about the different types of materials and to discuss bespoke designs for patios and fencing, call Croydon Fencing today. We are happy to provide free estimates and free advice. All workmanship is guaranteed and our team is available on an emergency basis for fencing repairs after periods of bad weather.


Contact us on 020 8655 2944 if you would like patios or fencing installed in your Croydon property. We use high-quality materials and offer fencing repairs throughout South London.