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Guide to Garden Fencing Repairs in Bromley

At Croydon Fencing, we undertake a comprehensive range of fencing and landscaping services for Bromley customers, including fencing repairs, replacements and installations. In this blog post, we provide information about the professional fence repair services our fencing contractors have been carrying out for many years.


Fencing is ideal for establishing borders, offering security and enhancing the overall aesthetics of properties, but during the winter months and harsh weather they can be exposed to damage. From strong winds and rain to below-ground frost and rotting, over time you may need to arrange fencing repairs to fix broken panels, to ensure fences are secure and to keep them well-maintained.


Croydon Fencing complete premium-quality fencing repairs and installations for customers in Bromley and the surrounding areas. Our expert fencing contractors have over 30 years of experience in the industry and can repair fences of any type, including security fencing, interwoven panels, trellis fencing and close board fencing.


Customers in the Bromley area should inspect their fences at least once a year. Pay special attention to posts and the sections of fencing closest to ground level, where rot is most likely to develop. Rot is one of the most common issues when wooden fences have not been treated properly. If rot has developed, general fencing repairs may not work and our fencing contractors will recommend cost-effective replacement options.


Our trusted fencing repairs in Bromley often involve:


• Repairing fences after storm damage

• Fixing broken posts and panels

• Treating wooden fence panels

• Repairing fittings and locks

• Replacing fencing

• Fitting concrete posts for added strength

• Re-installing fencing which has fallen over


Reputable Fencing Contractors


When installed by experienced and professional fencing contractors, garden fences should last for many years, especially with regular checks and maintenance. At Croydon Fencing, fencing repairs and installations are carried out using panels, posts, fixings and materials of the highest quality to ensure the longevity of your fence. We take pride in constructing and repairing fences to the best possible standard, so all our customers in Bromley and the wider South London areas can enjoy beautiful and secure fencing.


Fencing repairs can be done as an individual service or arranged with any of our other landscaping services, such as hedge maintenance and garden decking installation work. We also carry out emergency repairs for domestic and commercial clients, who’s fencing has been damaged after periods of bad weather. If you are located in Bromley, Croydon or elsewhere in the surrounding area, our fencing contractors can be with you quickly and are happy to take on insurance-related work.


Contact Croydon Fencing today on 020 8655 2944 for fencing repairs in the Bromley area. We offer free estimates and guaranteed workmanship.